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Peppermint is your clubhouse to connect with others who share your passions in Clubs, grow your knowledge in Workshops, and experience new things everyday.

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Make an impact with your lifetime of expertise. Share your story in our collaborative clubs and workshops, or even earn money by hosting your own. 
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“This is the first time I have seen an experience that feels like it has been built for me and my age group!”
Laura H, 70
“Collaborating and sharing with people who have similar interests is really exciting. It’s not always easy finding new friends that like the same things as you, especially as you get older”
Dalal Z, 65
“No other place is doing this” “What about AARP?, - Please, I’m not just a number!”
Linda S, 70

Hear from our members

“No one else offers this type of content experience and would make Peppermint unique and stand out. The first time I’ve heard of content completely dedicated to my age and experience”
Candace K, 72
“I’m excited for Peppermint as the topics and themes covered around this stage of our lives are ones that I am not able to find anywhere else”
Kim G, 56

Hear from our members

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